Cozy Sunday at home

Hello everyone,


while I'm writing this post the sun is shining and I could try another recipe again :). Now that everything has settled because of the Covid-19, many people can make time to do things they wanna do for a long time. For me this is being creative, fitness and cooking/baking. For sure you can do all those things during your working routine but you are tired and don't know where to start to do it all. The last weekend, especially on sunday I was in a cozy baking mood. I imagined standing in a french kitchen with all the fruits and vegetables on the table while the sun shines, doors are open and Jamie Beck is about to arrive. :) For everyone who doesn't know her and is in love with Photography and the Provence - you have to follow her on Instagram @annstreetstudio. 

OK but back to baking! I did a vegan lemon cake (again). I'm in love with lemons and I think everything about them is a trip to the south. The recipe I did is very easy to make. I found it on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago. See it here. After the cake was out of the oven I had to think about Mrs. Patmore (Downton Abbey). .I mean who doesn't get hungry when seeing her cooking and baking. So I thought why not. I chose the best porcelain we have and a tablecloth from my grandma. A little bit of Downton Abbey on a pretty sunday.  

These little things make me happy and I'm thankful being in the mood for them. So wo have to make them special! 


Have a cozy day!

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